1. "It implies force that I’m not comfortable with."

    "I just want to say ‘dumping man,’ really!"

    "I sleep with reckless abandon!"

    Rhett and Link discussed their hotel bathroom routine for Good Mythical Morning from VidCon. 

    I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard. For the whole thing. 

  2. nerdbuscus:

    Take this advice.

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  3. Rhett and Link - My hair song (X)

    This is my favorite part of the song

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  4. …And listen, you’re gonna make mistakes. You might invest your life savings in dehydrated water. You might forget whether prohibited means you can do it or you can’t do it. You might ask a non-pregnant woman if she’s pregnant. That’s ok! You’ll recover.

    Rhett and Link, “My Hair Song”

    I try to keep this in mind. 

  5. markhylander:

Sweet jesus.

Dat video


    Sweet jesus.


    Dat video

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  6. These shall be my next three t-shirt purchases. 

A most excellent adventure

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