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May 3

Happy Free Comic Book Day everyone! I hope yours was as fun as mine! I was sad that I didn’t get a costume to wear, so I threw together an Ariel Disneybound to wear to the shops! I got a lot of cool free stuff (including candy, not shown here because I ate it), and I was so happy to support my local stores as well.

Also, there were Ghostbusters.

Jan 5

A piece I wrote for my creative writing class at CMU about this day, and its aftermath. I put it under the cut because it’s so long, and also you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. 

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Graduate school application: submitted!

Me and our polar bear dog

Me and our polar bear dog

I really miss my family. 

Ok, now I know my boyfriend is a keeper because the thought of taking him Christmas shopping with me is super exciting. 

Oh for fuck’s sake, it’s just money. I’m definitely going to be making more as I work in retail hell this holiday season. 

Trying not to freak out about all of the money I have to spend on Christmas gifts and a plane ticket and rent and applying to grad school oh god oh god oh god

I know I’ll be fine. I’ll get through this. This coming month, my bills are cutting in half. But it’s scary for me. Still, I talk to people that work the same job as me, have around the same bills, and sometimes only have $13 in their bank account so I should be just fine. 

Hair today, hello, oh my

Hair today, hello, oh my

3/3 letters of recommendation in the bag. 

It’s all coming together.