1. Ok y’all, I know that Disney is problematic sometimes (most times) with….everything. But I’m watching The Rescuers right now, and the Rescue Aid Society shows not only hella world unity, but also has tons of female representatives. And this is in 1977. 

  2. I have never seen The Black Cauldron. 

    I am about to fix that. 

    Maybe follow it up with A Goofy Movie because POWERLINE, DUH. 

  3. Today may have been crappy day #2, but I sang a duet of “Let It Go” with a little girl who told me “You’re Elsa!”

  4. One of the only perks of this shitty job is getting to buy movies early so I bought Frozen last night! IT’S ALL MINE.

    And I watched it with my pal gesinaface!! 

  5. thingsamylikes:


    Favourite Audrey Ramirez Quotes

    Audrey doesn’t get NEARLY enough love. It’s Edwardian period, yet she’s a genius Hispanic engineer who wears overalls, has adorably little meaty arms, doesn’t take any crap from boys, runs a mechanic business with her father and her sister is a prize fighter.
    Cool Disney female characters don’t have to be princesses, folks.

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  6. lettherebedoodles:

    Disney Princes… ish

    After seeing these awesome edits by “thecrownedheart”, I just had to make a few of my own. So here’s a few edited screenshots of our lovely Disney ladies… as men. :D 

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  7. Watching Peter Pan on blu-ray aww yiss 

  8. Excuse Ye Dust

    Excuse Ye Dust

  9. If you can choose only one face character to see in the Magic Kingdom, pick Gaston. He is not only quite nice to look at, but hilarious to boot. As represented by these photos, we took a few good pictures before he and my younger brother (here) got into what can only be called a sass fight. I’m not sure how it got to that, but I heard my brother say, “Please, you will never have as much attitude as me.” Gaston looked down (yes, he’s huge) at me and said, “Does he really wanna do this with me right now?” I could only nod and say, “Yeah….he does.” Thus, sassy insults about clothes and looks were traded. Some highlights:

    Gaston: Dude, you waited in line to see me, not the other way around

    Bro: Yeah, but only for like five minutes, and I went to the gift shop too!


    Gaston: Pft, he doesn’t like men!

    Other bro: Actually, yes he does!

    Gaston: No, I mean REAL men! (At this point he flexed his bicep)


    (before photo)

    Gaston: Who is that? (points at mom)

    Other bro: My mom.

    Gaston: …Well, she’s not my mom…(waggles eyebrows)

    We were all laughing so hard, we were crying. I had to sit down. 

  10. We went to Epcot today and my whole family Disneybounded with me! My mother and I did Sully and Boo, Zach was Dory, and Dale did Aladdin. We had a great time!


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